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nobody likes me, but it's okay

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The Kahlua Banana: chocolate banana cake, Kahlua mocha buttercream, ganache and banana chip. Available in store until August 31st.

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Ok , so I made this in my English class out of boredom, there was no one it had not started yet ! So we had a substitute that day, a really cute guy, and he walks in, stare at the class then at the board, then at the class again, he seemed amazed and goes :

“Who wrote ”Fuck You” in circular gallifreyan , I don’t know if I should kiss you or send you to detention ”


Some Guy Recreated a Bunch of Female Tinder Pics and They’re Glorious

I chose my favorites, but you can find the rest here


「女子高生」/「柴崎ショージ」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail


小島紗さんはTwitterを使っています: 昨日行ったお店の窓にラブライブの絵が描いてあったので、触発されて私も描いてみた(っ´ω`)っ全員。


I let her have the little bit of peanutbutter that was left. She looked at me like I gave her the world.

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